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Ken M. Brooks
Ken M. Brooks
Senior Vice President / Ernst & Young Orenda Corporate Finance Inc.

Ken M. Brooks

Besides the visibility afforded to me during my presentation, the added benefit of being able to listen to the other presentations and panels, both before and after my keynote, were invaluable.

Luke Johnson, Partner, Sentinel Capital Partners
Luke Johnson
Partner / Sentinel Capital Partners

Luke J. Johnson

Capital Roundtable conferences are in a class of their own. The caliber of attendees is great and the content incredibly sophisticated.

Jeff G. Brock
Managing Director / Hargett Hunter Capital Partners

Jeff G. Brock

I can’t say enough nice things about the well-rounded, balanced experience the Capital Roundtable team consistently delivers. I know of no other forum where I can get such a highly concentrated program of education through quality speakers along with ample networking opportunity in such a convenient location.

Ryan Meany, Edgewater Capital Partners
Ryan Meany
Managing Partner / Edgewater Capital Partners

Ryan J. Meany

Capital Roundtable conferences are the best in the business, every panel is a minefield of information!

Frank Morse
Managing Director / Carter Morse & Goodrich

Frank Morse

Capital Roundtable conferences are sophisticated and very well managed. There’s a wonderful balance between educational panels and networking with high-level private equity people and other important industry people. It’s always a gratifying experience!

Corey Sclar, Managing Partner, Brookside Mezzanine Partners
Corey Sclar
Managing partner / Brookside Mezzanine Partners

Corey Sclar

Capital Roundtable conferences are stacked with well-known industry experts. The panels, the audience, and the venue are tough to beat. There’s a reason I’ve been coming to them for 10-plus years.

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